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Beyond Support Services

Alongside empowering adults with disabilities through support services, we take pride in engaging in unique business ventures. Our offerings include quality jump ropes and a state contract to supply drug testing devices to various agencies, with the majority of these projects powered by our skilled individuals with disabilities. Our mission extends into providing opportunities for simple assembly, packaging, warehousing, and shipping tasks, enabling these individuals to develop valuable workplace skills, independence, and confidence. We're dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities that benefit both our community and the businesses we assist.

Ready to start Empowering Skills and Expanding Opportunities?

Our unique approach bridges the gap between providing high-quality service to businesses and creating meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By tapping into a diverse talent pool, we offer businesses dedicated and skilled workers ready to meet a variety of needs, from assembly and packaging to warehousing and shipping. Our commitment to quality service is matched by our dedication to empowering the individuals we serve, ensuring they gain valuable skills and experience. Partnering with us not only enhances your operations but also supports inclusivity and social responsibility in the workforce.

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