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Discover Empowering Services for Individuals with Disabilities

At Ability Inclusion Services, we're committed to fostering independence and self-reliance among adults with disabilities. Our tailored offerings span residential living, career development,  community access and essential daily living skills, all designed with the individual at the heart of every program. We're here to empower each person to reach their full potential in employment, active community participation, and independent living. Join us in exploring how our person-centered services can support achieving personal milestones and enhancing quality of life.


Our residential services cater to adults with disabilities, offering living solutions that align with your unique needs. With varying levels of support available, our programs are designed to empower individuals in mastering daily living tasks, financial management, healthcare, and active participation in community activities. We're committed to creating a nurturing, person-centered environment that honors each individual's strengths and aspirations, setting the stage for a life marked by independence and fulfillment.

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun

In addition to our dedicated support services for adults with disabilities, we're proud to diversify our impact through unique business ventures. Our organization holds a state contract for supplying drug testing devices throughout Utah to law enforcement agencies, courts, and treatment centers. 

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