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Residential Services

The Residential program at Ability Inclusion Services has been a cornerstone in the Salt Lake Valley community for more than twenty years. Our commitment is unwavering in our quest to elevate the quality of life for our residents. We actively seek collaboration and volunteer support from our local community to fulfill this. Our approach prioritizes the individuality of our residents, treating each person as unique and fostering their independence and self-determination to the fullest extent. The design of our services and activities is driven by a singular focus on enhancing the individual quality of life for each resident. Through partnerships and community support, we aim to sustain and advance this level of service for many years to come. 

Supervised Living

The Supervised Living program offers round-the-clock support to individuals residing in apartments or shared homes, focusing on fostering independence. This initiative is dedicated to providing continuous assistance alongside life skills training, enabling participants to navigate daily challenges with greater autonomy.


At our heart, we are committed to providing inclusive residential solutions for adults with developmental and physical disabilities, offering a range of multi-unit housing options all set at the Fair Market Rate as determined by state guidelines. Understanding the financial challenges that can come with securing suitable housing, Ability Inclusion Services steps in to assist residents in obtaining and maintaining essential funding through local city or county housing authorities. Our initiative not only ensures affordable living spaces but also fosters a supportive community for those we serve.

Daily Living

Our Daily Living program is crafted to support individuals in mastering the independent living skills essential for a vibrant community life, ensuring their health and safety are always prioritized. By combining practical teachings with hands-on experience, we cover all facets of day-to-day living. From planning weekly activities that engage and enrich, to navigating the aisles of grocery shopping, and addressing personal needs shopping, our program offers a comprehensive approach to daily living skills. This initiative is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a gateway to independence, allowing participants to thrive in their communities with confidence and ease.

Medical Case Management

Our program is dedicated to nurturing a healthy lifestyle for all participants, providing the necessary encouragement and assistance. Medical concerns are promptly addressed, adhering strictly to prescribed medical protocols to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. Additionally, our comprehensive Case Management system guarantees that each individual receives top-quality care, fully compliant with state agency standards. This approach ensures that everyone under our care benefits from a supportive and health-oriented environment.

Community Access and Leisure

Our program is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals by providing the support needed to dive into a wide array of community and leisure activities. We open the door to experiences that many take for granted, such as enjoying a movie night out, exploring local malls, striking out at the bowling alley, and navigating the essentials of grocery shopping. These activities not only offer enjoyment and a sense of normalcy but also play a crucial role in enhancing life skills and building confidence. Our tailored support ensures that each person can safely and confidently participate in these everyday adventures, fostering independence and a vibrant connection with the community.

Financial Management

Ability Inclusion Services provides Representative Payee Services for selected individuals in our Residential Program who have been deemed unable to manage or direct the management of their  benefits by The Social Security Administration (SSA) 

Financial Management supports include but are not limited to:

  • Annual reporting to account for the benefits received.

  • Keeping detailed records of how the payments are spent or saved, and making all records available for review if requested by SSA.

  • Understanding beneficiary’s needs and wants to make the best use of benefits for their care and well-being.

  • Inform SSA about changes that may affect the beneficiary’s eligibility. Understanding law/ rules/ and tegulations required to use the benefits in the beneficiary’s best interest.

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