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Community Day Program

At AbilityIS, we believe that everyone deserves a well-rounded day filled with community access, social, physical, recreational, and educational activities tailored to their specific abilities and goals. That's why our team of experts has created specialized programs that provide creative outlets, access to adaptive equipment.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our day program isn't just about fun and socialization – it's about fostering a healthy lifestyle for all participants! We integrate physical activity, healthy eating habits, and mindfulness practices into our daily routines. Whether it's a morning walk in the park, a chair yoga session, or learning about healthy food choices, we empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and build a foundation for a healthy future.

Health and Safety

At Ability Inclusion Services, your loved one's safety and well-being are our paramount concerns. Our day programs integrate comprehensive health and safety practices into every activity.
Our trained staff is CPR and First-Aid certified, ensuring a prompt response in case of emergencies. We prioritize a safe and secure environment, fostering responsible behavior and educating participants on potential hazards.  Peace of mind comes standard when you choose Ability Inclusion Services!

Community Inclusion

We create opportunities for our individuals to access and take part in community activities. Participants may take part in volunteer projects through local and national organizations. The Center also organizes opportunities for clients to visit community offerings such as parks, zoos, festivals, museums, and tours. As our participants become engaged in the community, they grow as individuals and develop lasting community connections. We feel it is equally important to give the greater community opportunities to meet and interact with our individuals and build relationships with them as they gain awareness of people with disabilities.


Get fit, have fun, and make friends! Our day program's recreation department offers a variety of activities for all abilities.  Join team sports, individual workouts, or use our adaptive fitness center. We partner with community organizations for dance classes, live music, and community outings.  Compete in community events or explore nature with adaptive skiing, horseback riding, and more! Volunteer support adds over 1,000 hours of fitness sessions annually.  At Ability Inclusion Services, recreation is all about inclusivity, fun, and a chance to connect!

Home Living Skills

We go beyond the walls! We equip participants with essential skills for independent living through practical activities that translate directly to home life. Learn valuable ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) like meal planning, cooking nutritious meals, and personal hygiene routines. We also empower individuals with confidence in navigating their community, offering training on public transportation and safe pedestrian skills.  At Ability Inclusion Services, we pave the way for a future filled with independence and self-reliance!

Creative Arts

Our day program ignites imaginations and fosters self-expression through our vibrant Creative Arts Program! We understand that art transcends language, offering a powerful tool for communication and self-discovery.  This program caters to individuals with all abilities, providing access to quality instruction and specialized materials. Explore the world of movement with dance instruction, delve into visual arts through painting, drawing, ceramics, and mixed media creation. Our Creative Arts Program allows participants to express their unique perspectives, build confidence, and forge lasting connections through the beauty of artistic exploration.

Sensory Based Learning

Our day program incorporates the power of sensory-based learning to create enriching and stimulating experiences for all participants. We understand that individuals with disabilities may process information differently, and our activities cater to a variety of sensory needs.  By incorporating as many senses as possible – touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste – we broaden and deepen the learning experience for each individual. This multi-sensory approach fosters engagement, enhances memory, and allows participants to connect with the world around them in unique and meaningful ways.  At Ability Inclusion Services, we unlock the potential of every learner through the power of sensory exploration!


Safe and reliable transportation should never be a barrier. Ability Inclusion Services offers accessible transportation options to ensure program participants can participate fully in all our activities.  Our fleet of vehicles provides both fixed routes and on-demand services, making it easy to get to and from the program with ease.

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