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Employment Program

Ability Inclusion Services offers a dynamic suite of employment support aimed at paving the way for individuals to enter and thrive in the workforce. Our team of ACRE-certified Employment Specialists employs evidence-based practices to deliver personalized job coaching, application assistance, and facilitate job placements with necessary accommodations, ensuring our clients achieve lasting success in their chosen careers. We pride ourselves on promoting Community Integrated Employment, allowing our clients to work in inclusive settings, fostering mutual respect and ensuring competitive wages and benefits.

Job Coaching

Our job coaching program stands as a cornerstone of career development, providing personalized guidance to navigate the complex landscape of employment. Our certified coaches work one-on-one with clients, offering the support and strategies needed to achieve professional success. Through tailored coaching sessions, clients gain the confidence and skills necessary to excel in their current roles and future career endeavors.

Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work program is a pivotal element of our employment support services, offering a comprehensive suite of resources to individuals aiming to re-enter the workforce. This program includes career counseling, benefits counseling, and job placement, all tailored to facilitate a smooth transition while allowing participants to retain their SSI/SSDI healthcare benefits. Our experienced team provides personalized support, ensuring clients can navigate their career paths with confidence and security.


For individuals not yet ready to enter the workforce, our Employment Preparation Readiness services offer a pathway to employment. Working in close partnership with DSPD and Support Coordinators, we provide targeted support and training designed to equip clients with the necessary skills and confidence to pursue their career goals. EPR focuses on building a solid foundation for future employment success.

Resume Writing

Crafting a standout resume is the first step towards landing your dream job. Our resume writing services are designed to highlight each client's unique skills, experiences, and achievements. By understanding the nuances of effective resume design and content, we help clients create compelling resumes that capture the attention of potential employers and open doors to new opportunities.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment bridges the gap between potential employees and employers, focusing on creating inclusive work environments. Our program emphasizes the importance of matching clients with suitable job opportunities, providing ongoing support to both the employee and employer. This collaborative approach ensures successful job placements that are beneficial for all parties involved, fostering long-term employment and growth.

Job Training

Our job training programs are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the job market and our clients. By offering specialized training in various industries, we prepare individuals for the specific demands of their chosen careers. From technical skills to soft skills training, our comprehensive approach ensures clients are well-equipped to meet the challenges of their job roles, enhancing their employability and career prospects.

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